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Q. Do I have to have all the maintenance money in my account every day for the specified period – or can I dip below slightly from time to time?

A. You must have at least the minimum amount every day, although you can have the funds in more than one account.

Q. I have been offered a job by a sponsor organization. Must I still show maintenance for three months?

A. If your new employer has an ‘A’ rating they may cover your maintenance by stating this when they issue you a certificate of sponsorship, in which case you will not need to prove maintenance. If they have a ‘B’ rating they cannot do so and you must prove your own maintenance.

Q. I am from overseas, do I have to have the full equivalent in sterling and what will the exchange rate be?

A. Yes you must have the full equivalent amount, and the exchange rate is that set on the Oanda website for the last day of the maintenance period you are claiming.


Settling in the UK

Q. Do I have to show a minimum amount of earnings to qualify for an ILR?

A. No, you just need to show that you have been living and supporting yourself in the UK for the prescribed period of time. If on a work permit or Tier 2 visa you must show P 60’s or wageslips to show that you have been employed throughout the five year period.

Q. When applying for British Citizenship is there any restriction on when I should apply once I have held ILR for 12 months?

A. Yes, you must be sure to check that you were in the country exactly five years before you submit your BC application.

Studying in the UK

Q. How do I know if my proposed College or University is recognised by the UK Border Agency?

A The simple answer is to ask to see their Sponsor licence number, or check on the UKBA’s register of Tier 4 sponsors.


Q. How do I know if the course I wish to study will be acceptable to the UKBA?

A. Go to the Department for Business Innovation & Skills website (see below) where you can find a list of recognised awards.


Working in the UK

Q. How do I find out if a prospective employer has a sponsor licence?

A. You will find a list of sponsors on the UKBA website. This list will only show those organisations that have already been awarded a sponsor licence, so it may be that your prospective employer has applied for a sponsor licence and is awaiting a decision.


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