New changes coming in on 6 April

A few key changes are due to be introduced by UKVI with effect from 6 April 2017 – subject to parliamentary approval)

1. The minimum “Experienced worker” rate goes up to £30,000 p.a. (or the amount stated on the SOC Code for their role, whichever is the higher figure).
2. Tier 2 (ICT) short term visas will no longer be available.
3. The Immigration Skills Charge will commence: For each sponsored individual, large sponsors must pay £1,000 p.a. and small or charitable organisations must pay £364 p.a. This charge does not apply to Tier 2 (ICT) Graduate trainees, PhD roles or Tier 4 graduates switching into Tier 2.
4. Minimum salary for ICT Graduate Trainee reduces to £23,000 p.a. (or the amount stated on the SOC Code, whichever is the higher figure).
5. Salary required to extend Tier 2 (ICT) long-term visa to nine years is lowered to £120,000 p.a.


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