Trial audit and compliance checks

With the UKVI becoming ever-more vigilant, but also far more fastidious in their compliance checks, an increasing number of our clients are asking us to visit their office and take them through a “trial Home Office audit”

Two of our clients had their sponsor licences suspended and subsequently revoked in 2016 following a visit from the Home Office sponsor compliance team. Neither thought the meeting had gone badly, so were surprised to receive the suspension notice, and extremely upset when their sponsor licence was revoked.

Prior to our visit we go through a checking procedure with the client (similar to the process we go through when renewing a licence) and then we visit the client and actually go through a typical Home Office visit, including interviewing staff where necessary, checking the records are all up-to-date and ensuring they have the proper processes in place to keep track of all sponsored staff.

Our fee for managing this for you is £995 + VAT plus travel costs.

Both the above mentioned clients are now going through an expensive Judicial Review process but the effect on their sponsored staff – all of whom have received curtailment letters limiting their stay to 60 days – has been tumultuous to say the least.


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