Changes to Minimum salaries for “Experienced Worker rates” under the Tier 2 (General) visa category

Minimum Experienced worker rates for Tier 2 (General) change on 6 April.

The minimum salary for almost all “Experienced” workers (ie those aged 26 or more) increases to £30,000 p.a. Exceptions apply for nurses, medical radiographers, paramedics and certain secondary school teachers.

So how does this effect those wishing to extend their Tier 2 visas?

The key date to remember is 24 November 2016.

A Tier 2 sponsored worker, whose CoS was issued before 24 November 2016 can extend their visa as long as their salary is in accordance with the current SOC Codes, even if this is less than £30,000 p.a.

Thus if we issued a CoS to one of your sponsored workers after this date, we need to remember in two and a half years to check they are being paid at least £30k (or the SOC Code requirement of over this) when extending their visa.

Similarly, anyone changing employers whose original CoS was issued after 24 November 2016 must be paid at this higher rate.


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