Immigration Skills Charge

The new Immigration Skills Charge (ISC) comes into effect on April 6.

This latest Home Office charge will be levied on sponsors that employ new migrants applying to come to the UK to work under either Tier 2 (General) or (ICT) Long Term.

Tier 2 ICT Graduate trainees and those sponsored to carry out a PhD role are exempt.

And sponsors will not have to pay the ISC to sponsor those already here in the UK extending their Tier 2 visa or changing employer, or those switching from Tier 4 (General) into Tier 2 in-country. A little bit of good news at least!

The only “in-country” exception will be for Tier 4 (Dependants) switching into Tier 2 (General) for whom employers must pay the ISC.

Large sponsors will be charged at £1,000 per year for each Tier 2 CoS issued while small or charitable organisations will pay a reduced levy of £364 p.a.

We still don’t know how the money will be collected but assume it will be chargeable at (or immediately before) each CoS is issued.


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