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Croatian Working UK Visa

If you are a Croatian national and you want to work in the United Kingdom you will need to apply for an accession worker card or, if you are exempt from the worker authorisation requirement, a Blue Registration Certificate.

Who is exempt from the worker authorisation requirement?

You will be exempt from the requirement to obtain authorisation to work in the United Kingdom if:

  • you have leave to enter under the Immigration Act 1971 and that leave does not place any restrictions on taking employment in the United Kingdom, for example, you have been given leave to remain as the spouse of a British citizen or as the dependant of a work permit holder; or
  • you have been working with permission, and without interruption, in the United Kingdom for a period of 12 months ending on or after 31 December 2006. For example, you are already present in the United Kingdom as a work permit holder or in some other category that confers permission to take employment (for example as a student and you have been in part-time employment continuously for 12 months); or
  • you are the family member of a Croatian national who is self-employed, self-sufficient or a student. You will remain exempt provided that your sponsor remains a student, self-sufficient person or self-employed; or
  • you are the spouse, civil partner, descendant under the age of 21 or the dependant of a Croatian national who is subject to work authorisation and holds an Accession worker card;


Purple Worker Cards (also known as Accession Worker Cards)

There are two stages to applying for work authorisation. First, your employer must issue you with a Certificate of Sponsorship, having conducted a Resident Labour Market Test first if necessary.  Then you must apply for an accession worker card or Purple Worker Card.  You can do this here in the UK or in Croatia.


Blue Registration certificates

These certificates indicate that the holder can work in the UK without restrictions.  They are issued to Croatian nationals who are highly skilled or exempt (as shown above) or have worked in the UK for one year with an Accession Worker Card.

They are also issued to family members of those who have received a letter of approval and are applying for an Accession Worker Card – but these are dependant visas only.  Once a family member has worked in the UK for one year they may apply for their own Blue Registration Card.


Yellow Registration cerificates

These certificates are issued to Croatians exercising Treaty rights as self-employed persons, self-sufficient persons or students wishing to work up to the maximum permissable 20 hours per week.

Students who do not want to work in the UK do not need any visa to do so. 

UK VISAS manages these applications on a regular basis, so you can be confident you will receive correct advice and have your application prepared properly by employing us to make your application for you.


Fees breakdown

Our fee for managing the following is:

Our fee for issuing a CoS and managing an Accession Worker Card application:

£950 + VAT

Our fee for managing a Blue* or Yellow Registration Certificate application: £950 + VAT

* Our fee for managing a Blue Registration Card under HSMP rules

£950 + VAT
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