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Tier 5 UK Visa

The Tier 5 visa category enables workers to come to the UK to do temporary work for a licensed sponsor and young people from participating countries to come and experience life in the UK. There are five categories of Temporary worker, each with their own specific requirements:

  • Temporary workers – creative and sporting
  • Temporary workers – charity workers
  • Temporary workers – religious workers
  • Temporary workers – government authorised exchange
  • Temporary workers – international agreement

Who can apply as a temporary worker?

To apply under the Temporary worker category you must have a sponsor and a Certificate of Sponsorship (this is a virtual document rather than a piece of paper).

Once you have a certificate of sponsorship you must score at least 40 points:

  • 30 points for the certificate of sponsorship; and
  • 10 points for available maintenance (funds).

How long can you stay?

If you are a non-visa national you can come to the UK without permission to enter for up to three months, but you will not be allowed to extend your stay (ie: you must leave the country and come back in again). If you apply for a visa, you will usually be granted leave for up to 12 months (for creative and sporting and charity workers) or 24 months for the other sub-categories. This will be less where the certificate of sponsorship states a shorter period.

It is possible to extend this permission dependant on the type of temporary work you are doing and whether or not the extended period is for the same sponsor. Call us for more details on01403 801801.

There are also specific and particular rules relating to how all your supporting evidence should be prepared and presented.

UK VISAS manages Tier 5 visa applications on a regular basis, so you can be confident you will receive correct advice and have your application prepared properly by employing us to make your application for you.

Fees Breakdown

Our fee for managing Tier 5 (General) visa applications is:

Postal application:

£850 + VAT

Dependants, applying in the UK on-line and by post:

£350 + VAT each

Dependants, applying in the UK same day service: £350 + VAT each
Dependants, applying Out of Country: £550 + VAT each
Premium same day service (in UK only): Add £450 + VAT

The Home Office charges are:

Postal application:

£235 per applicant
Same Day Service £825 per applicant

Overseas application:

£235 per applicant


Tier 5 – Youth Mobility Scheme

The youth mobility scheme is for young people from participating countries who would like to come and experience life in the UK. These countries are:

  • Australia – 32,500 places
  • Canada – 5,000 places
  • Japan – 1,000 places
  • New Zealand – 10,000 places
  • Monaco – 1,000 places
  • Taiwan – 1,000 places

Your country’s government acts as your sponsor, and you must be 18 years old or over on date of entry and under 31 years old when you submit your application. You must also have £1,600 in available funds as maintenance.

You may not apply if you have previously been in the UK under the same scheme or under the previous working holidaymaker scheme, or have children under 18 years old under your care and responsibility.

You can also apply (without sponsorship) if you are a British overseas citizens, British overseas territories citizen or British national (overseas).

You must apply from your country of origin and you will be granted leave for 24 months.

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