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Working in the UK

The UK is a popular destination for those looking for work in a new country. Not only is there an unrivalled opportunity for foreign citizens to find work in the UK, but it also renowned for its diverse cultural heritage and it’s welcoming nature to immigrant workers.

However, the UK’s immigration system is rather restrictive and you will need a UK working visa or work permit in order to work in the UK if your country of origin is outside of the European Economic Area (EEA).

If you are searching for a job in the UK and you have a skill that is deemed in short supply in the country then you may be eligible for a UK Visa on the basis you would be able to secure a job when you arrive.  A UK work permit is granted if you have already secured a formal offer of employment from a UK company that holds a sponsorship license or your employer is relocating you to the UK.

5 Tier UK visa system

Between 2008 and 2010 the UK phased in the five tier points based visa system. To find out if you are eligible for a UK work or study visa you will be assessed against various criteria within the specific sections of this system.

Tier 1 Visas: There are a number of subclasses in Tier 1 that are for ‘high-value migrants’ which covers entry of investors, entrepreneurs and the ‘exceptionally talented’.

Tier 2 Visa: Tier 2 work permits include 4 subclasses and are applied for by employees who are coming to the UK to fill a position with confirmed sponsorship from a licensed UK employer.

Tier 5 Visa: This category enables workers to come to the UK for temporary work with a licensed sponsor and young people from participating countries to come and experience life in the UK. 

What permit is best for you?

With many types of work permits available in the UK understanding which application will suit you can be daunting.  The permit you require will be based on your personal situation and you will be need to be assessed on a number of criteria. The application is a long process requiring multiple forms of evidence and documentation. Providing these necessary documents is crucial for having your permit granted.

UK VISAS is here to help

Since 2010 the UK government have been making a series of changes to UK immigration law in order to restrict immigration to the UK, especially from outside of the EEA.  With these constant changes it can make the application process for a UK visa become challenging and complex.  For an increased chance of securing your UK work permit our expert team at UK VISAS will ensure you have all the appropriate documents and guide you through the entire application process.

UK VISAS manages UK visa work permit applications under the 5 tier points based system on a weekly basis, so you can be confident you will receive correct advice and have your application prepared quickly and efficiently.

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