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How to Get Your Immigration Health Surcharge Refund

09 - 10 - 20

By: UK Visas | Category: Legislation

  Can You Get My Immigration Health Surcharge Refund For Me? As a private immigration firm we are not affiliated with the Home Office and…

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Immigration Health Surcharge Increase to be Delayed Until October 27th

28 - 09 - 20

By: UK Visas | Category: Legislation

The Immigration Health Surcharge payable by almost all migrants on a temporary visa was due to rise from £400 a year to £624 as of…

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How Much Does it Cost to Sponsor Someone for a UK Work Visa?

17 - 08 - 20

By: UK Visas | Category: Corporate, Legislation, Sponsorship, Visas

Readers should note these costs are likely to change in 2021 when the government launches its new points based system. At the time of writing…

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The Hong Kong BN(O) Visa – What is it and How Can I Get it?

27 - 07 - 20

By: UK Visas | Category: Immigration News, Individuals, Legislation, Visas

What is this Visa? If you’ve been keeping up with the news lately you have undoubtedly heard a lot about China’s relationship with Hong Kong…

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What is the new Health and Care Visa and Who is Included?

15 - 07 - 20

By: UK Visas | Category: Brexit, Immigration News, Legislation, Sponsorship, Visas

Why has it been brought in? One of the biggest questions around the end of free movement from January 2021 has been how the government…

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What positive changes for employers are coming in 2021? Your guide to the new points based system

13 - 07 - 20

By: UK Visas | Category: Brexit, Immigration News, Legislation, Sponsorship

With the Covid-19 crisis throwing a spanner into the works of so many government departments and dominating the media, there’s been little news regarding Priti…

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No Win No Fee Visa Guarantee logo


We provide a ‘No Win – No Fee’ guarantee for all points-based system visa applications unless expressly stated at the time of appointment. We will guarantee our service for these applications by offering a full refund on our fee should it be unsuccessful.

These guaranteed terms are conditional upon the client being able to demonstrate to the satisfaction of the Home Office that they have earned the income claimed or that they have the necessary funding in place for maintenance or are fully conversant with their business plan in the case of Tier 1 Entrepreneurs.

It also presumes that neither the applicant nor their dependants have previously come under scrutiny or been under investigation by the Home Office for any immigration matter. In order that we can do our job properly the necessary information and details required should be made available and they must genuine as well as accurate.