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Service Supplier

Service Supplier Visa

The Service Supplier visa is for overseas workers or service providers undertaking temporary work assignments in the UK. This visa replaces the provisions for contractual service suppliers and independent professionals within T5 International Agreement route was arguably underused. This new route allows providers and self-employed people to come to the UK under a contract to supply services covered by one of the international trade agreements. This reformed route ensures that international trade is at the centre of British economy by focusing on trade agreements whilst also maintaining the objective of the GBM routes to increase mobility.


Eligibility Requirements


To qualify, you must:

  • Work as or for an overseas service provider that will provide services for the UK.
  • Be doing an eligible job listed in the eligible occupations and codes. If your job is not listed, you may be able to apply if you have relevant qualifications and professional experience.
  • Have continuously worked in the same sector as the service provided to the sponsor for the last 12 months or 12 months of professional experience if you are self-employed.
  • Have a valid Certificate of Sponsorship.
  • You do not need to satisfy a salary requirement.
  • You must be able to support yourself financially, showing proof of at least £1270 funds available.


With the visa, you can:

  • Work for your sponsor.
  • Study.
  • Travel abroad and return to the UK.
  • Do voluntary work.
  • Apply for your partner and children, if eligible.


You cannot:

  • Gain permanent settlement.
  • Access public funds.
  • Change jobs unless you update your visa.
  • Have a second job.


Length of Stay

For this visa route, you will normally be granted a period of 6-12 months depending on the trade agreement relied on. The visa can be extended provided that you have not reached the maximum total stay, which is 12 months, and that you are still contracted to work.



The Service Supplier route does not lead to settlement in the UK. However, you may be eligible to switch to another visa such as the Skilled Worker visa which does lead to settlement.


When should you apply?

You can apply for a Service Supplier visa up to 3 months before the day you are due to start work in the UK.

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