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UK Visa & Immigration Requirements For Tier 2 Visa Sponsorship

The skilled worker category, known as Tier 2 (General), is designed to allow UK organisations that have a sponsor licence to offer employment to non EEA recruits. The roles acceptable for sponsorship, and the minimum salaries related to those roles, are set out in the Code of Practice for graduate and shortage occupations.  They must be at NQF Level 6 or above (or Level 4 (Creative). Please see the links below for more information.

Graduate occupations, go to:

Shortage occupations, go to:


Who could apply as a skilled worker?

To sponsor an individual the sponsor must issue a Certificate of Sponsorship (or CoS as they are known) to the chosen candidate. This is a virtual document that is posted by the sponsor on the Sponsor Management System (SMS) so that UKVI case workers around the globe can access it.  They can also be printed out or stored as a .pdf.

Depending on where the applicant is, the sponsor must issue an unrestricted CoS (and they will have an allocation granted to them each fiscal year) or apply for a restricted CoS from the sponsor panel which meets on or around 11th of each month.

An unrestricted CoS can be issued to students here in the UK who have just successfully completed their degree studies here or any other person here with a visa which allows them to switch in-country, such as a UK Visa tier 2 work permit for another organisation. There is no limit on the number of unrestricted CoS that can be issued.  Please note that those on Visitor visas cannot apply “in-country”.

A restricted Certificate of Sponsorship is necessary for those who have to apply to enter the UK from their own country of residence. The Resident Test has to be carried out before a restricted CoS can be requested. There are approximately 1500 restricted certificates available each month, although this limit is rarely reached.

One exception to the above is for those “High Earners”  earning over £153,500 p.a. who can be issued an unrestricted CoS even if they are from outside the UK.

Another exception is that Tier 4 Dependants can apply here in the UK but their sponsor must request and then issue them a restricted CoS.


If you are issued a Certificate of Sponsorship by a prospective employer, you will require a total of 70 points to be granted a Tier 2 (General) visa:

  • 50 points from your attributes (as stated on your CoS).
  • 10 points from your English language skills.
  • 10 points from your available maintenance (funds).

Nationals applying from some countries are also required to obtain a  Certificate.

We manage UK Visas Tier 2 applications on a weekly basis, so you can rest assured you’ll receive the correct advice and have your application properly prepared by hiring us to make the application for you.

We also offer a 10 day priority postal service and a premium, same-day Tier 2 (General) Visa application service. The same day service consists of our PEO Manager meeting our clients, and helping them to get their biometric data enrolled. They are then free to go if they wish and our manager will wait for your case to be called up for processing and approved.

Fees breakdown

Our fees for managing your Tier 2 (General) visa applications for up to three years (five years in brackets) are:

Postal application (UK only):

    £950 + VAT (£1425 + VAT)

Out of country visa application:

   £1150 + VAT (£1725 + VAT)

Premium same day service (UK only):

   £1400 + VAT (£1875 + VAT)

Dependants - (UK/overseas):

   £350 + VAT each/£550 + VAT each 

The Home Office charges, per person,(up to 3 years/over 3 years) are:

UK Postal application:


UK 10 day Premium postal service:


UK Same day service:


Overseas application:



Our fees for managing your Tier 2 (General – Shortage occupations) visa applications for up to three years (five years in brackets) are:

Postal application (UK only):

£950 + VAT (£1425 + VAT)

Out of country visa application:

£1150 + VAT (£1725 + VAT)

Premium same day service (UK only):

£1400 + VAT (£1875 + VAT)

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